How do I schedule a consultation?

ParrotA behavioral history form will be emailed to you upon booking.  This form allows Dr. Feltes to make recommendations that you can live with – she does not live with you but her recommendations need to!  The forms may feel overwhelming due to their length but are necessary to allow her a complete picture of your situation. This form should be sent back to TBC at least 48 hours before the scheduled consult.

Contact The Behavior Clinic at 440/334.8534 to schedule a consultation. 

Cancellation & Reservation Deposit Policy: Please note, a credit card needs to be provided to schedule an appointment.  The non-refundable reservation deposit assessed for appointments is $50 ($100 for in-home appointments). The deposit for an appointment will then be credited to your appointment invoice if the history form is received at least 7 days before the scheduled appointment. If this is in received 7 days in advance, a team member will be contacting you to move your appointment date (see History Form Policy below). If not used within 3 months, a new reservation fee would be required.

1. The deposit will ONLY be credited to your appointment invoice if you return your History Form at least 7 days PRIOR to your appointment. If the history form is NOT received prior to your appointment a team member will be contacting you to move the appointment out farther on the calendar to allow you more time to prepare. See History Form Policy below.
2. You may reschedule your appointment 2 business days or MORE prior to your scheduled appointment with no penalty.
3. If you cancel your appointment for any reason this deposit will not be refunded.
4. If we arrive at an appointment scheduled in your home and you are not present the deposit will not be refunded and you will be charged the total cost of the appointment.
5. By providing your permission to process the Reservation Deposit you are accepting these terms.
6.The history form needs to be returned 7 days prior to the scheduled appointment slot. If the history form is not returned 7 days in advance, a team member will be contacting you to move the appointment out farther on the calendar to allow you more time to prepare. See History Form Policy below.

Once you have secured an appointment slot, please contact your local veterinarian and have them fax a Referral Form to 440/235-8534.

Consultations are $495 per appointment and last around 1.5-2 hours and these appointments occur in the clinic for dogs and cats. Cases involve the presence of one of our veterinary behavioral technicians. Included in the Consultation Fee are phone and email care with a registered veterinary technician (this expires 12 months from the appointment). This contact ensures the plan is going as desired and allows the Veterinarian to relay changes in the plan as needed.
There is a travel fee for horse and bird appointments which occur at the stable or aviary. Equine and Bird appointments last up to 3 hours and cost $600. Please see Cancellation & Reservation Deposit Policy above.

History Form Policy: The history form needs to be returned 7 days prior to the scheduled appointment slot. If you would like to be on the Stand-By List and have the potential to obtain an earlier appointment slot, this document needs to be returned asap. If the history form is not returned 7 days in advance, a team member will be contacting you to move the appointment out farther on the calendar to allow you more time to prepare.

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Consultation Forms:

Cat        Dog       Bird       Horse


Information for Your Appointment

Here are some common questions and answers about consults:

Before the Consult:

  • Complete your behavior history form and send it back to us a minimum of 7 days prior to your appointment:
  • Gather any video you would like us to review and send it to the clinic electronically 7 days in advance:
    • Email, DropBox, YouTube or any other media sharing software works
    • If you can’t send the file, bring it to your consultation and let your Behavior Technician know you have video for a Veterinarian to review prior to the appointment to ensure there is time to review this information.

What should I bring/have available?  

  • Treats your pet LOVES.  If your pet loves toys more than food, please bring a favorite! Make us aware of any food allergies (human or animal) at the beginning of your consultation for everyone’s safety.
  • Any items you have used to help with the behavior problem (collars, muzzles, halters, Thundershirts etc.).

Where are you located?

  • The Behavior Clinic is located at 9680 Columbia Rd. in Olmsted Falls Ohio.  We are on Columbia Road between Sprague and Bagley Road – 15 minutes from the Cleveland International Airport. Please note the speed is 25 mph in the vicinity immediately around TBC as police cars tend to patrol the area for speeders.
  • Columbia Road has a 75 day detour at the I-80/Turnpike bridge starting May 30th, 2017. Click here for detour map. Alternate routes include Lindbergh Blvd or Usher Rd.

What should I expect during my visit? 

  • When you arrive:
    • You will be greeted by our Reception Team who will check you in and obtain your pet’s weight on our scale.  They will then direct you to our Treatment Room where you and your pet can settle in.
    • On rare occasions one of our team members may ask you to wait in your car/on the porch if there is another patient in the building who is concerned about dogs or unfamiliar people. This is for the safety of all involved.
  • The Consult:
    • One of our Behavior Technicians will then come in to meet you and your pet. During this time they will begin assessing your pet’s learning prior to entering the Consultation Room.
    • The Veterinarian will review your history form and your pet’s medical history with you directly. Your pet’s behavior will be observed, training techniques will be demonstrated, and your pet will have a physical exam during the course of the appointment (as long as it is safe to perform).
    • You will be encouraged to ask questions and actively participate in training techniques.

What’s included in the consultation? Is it just one appointment?

  • Included in the cost for the consultation is:
    • The 1.5-2hr consultation already scheduled today
    • Phone and email care with a TBC technician over the next 12 months following your appointment.

What happens after my visit?

  • A Progress Evaluation with the Veterinarian may be recommended to adjust the treatment plan 1-6 months after your consultation. This appointment is usually 45-60 minutes in duration and costs $225.
  • If the Veterinarian prescribes medication we will need to see your pet once a year to legally continue the prescription.
  • You may want or need to meet with our Veterinary Behavior Technicians for help implementing the recommended treatment plan reviewed at your consultation. Both are Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT) and Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners (KPA CTP).  Amanda and Rachel are one of 15 Veterinary Technician Specialist’s (VTS) in Behavior. Dani is currently enrolled in the Karen Pryor Academy for 2016-2017.

Will you contact my vet?

  • We will call your Veterinarian and request 6 months of medical records for your pet to prevent repeating tests unnecessarily and to safely provide the best medical care for your pet. Additionally, 1-2 years of Laboratory Testing will be requested.
  • After the consultation your veterinarian will receive the same summary from our TBC Veterinarian that you do. This ensures that they are aware of our treatment plan, items prescribed, and any recommended lab work needed.

I’m using a local trainer – can they come to the consultation with me?

  • If you are working with a trainer it can be helpful for them to come to the consultation if you are continuing to use their services after your consultation. Having everyone on the same page helps you make faster progress!

How much does this cost again?

  • The consultation at TBC is $495 + any products or additional services not listed above.  Initial appointments are allotted 1.5-2 hours of time.
  • If you have a set budget for the consult, please let our Reception Team know ASAP. We can help create a cost effective plan that meets your behavior goals. Our clinic also accepts Care Credit which is discussed below for appointments that occur in the building.
  • Horse and Bird appointments are $600 + any products or additional services not listed. These appointments are allotted up to 3 hours of time and occur where the animal is living. There will also be a travel fee assessed.  You will be quoted this fee at the time you book your appointment.

What payment methods are accepted?

  • We accept American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Cash and Check.
  • CareCredit is accepted for purchases totaling $200 and above. This can only be paid for in the clinic and is not a valid form of payment at an appointment off-site.

What is Care Credit?

  • Care Credit is a company that offers special financing (0% over 6 months) and low monthly payments for veterinary care and even human medical care.  For more info or to see if you qualify:
  • This may be used for invoices at or above $200
  • This may only be used in-person in the clinic

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

  • RESCHEDULING: We are happy to reschedule you for a more convenient time. There is a $35 rebooking fee when we are given less than 48 hours notice that you need to reschedule. Notice of 48 hours allows us to fill the open slot with another client from our waiting list. You will NOT lose your reservation deposit for rescheduling an appointment to a later date. However we do limit the number of times you can reschedule to 3. After your 3rd reschedule you will be charged a $50 rebooking fee.
  • CANCELLATIONS: If you have to cancel your appointment FOR ANY REASON please be aware that you WILL NOT receive the $50 reservation deposit back.  If you were scheduled for an in home appointment, you are ALSO responsible for paying the travel fee in addition to the $50 reservation deposit if the team began the drive to your home before the cancellation was received or the whole appointment fee if the team did arrive at your home.
    • Why do I not get my deposit back? 
      • We are a small business. Prior to your appointment we contacted your veterinary clinic, sorted medical records, created your chart, entered your information into our computer system, and did many other tasks in preparation for you coming to your appointment. This money covers the costs of materials and labor associated with preparing for your appointment.
      • We are also a referral clinic treating animals that have serious behavioral health concerns and come to us from all over OH, NY, PA, IN, and MI.  Securing a reservation deposit ensures that clients are serious about coming to see us.
  • NO SHOWS: If you do not show up for your appointment FOR ANY REASON you WILL NOT receive the $50 reservation deposit back. If we arrive for an in home appointment and you are not present you will be charged the travel costs and the total appointment cost for the consultation or technician appointment scheduled for that time slot.

We look forward to meeting you and your pet!

Please contact us by phone with any questions or concerns.

Phone: 440-334-8534

For more information on Frequently Asked Questions, click here.