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Karen Pryor Academy is at TBC for 2016-2017! Shelly Brouwer is the KPA Faculty member providing the course. Go to for more information!

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TBC's Media Spot:

Trendy built-in dog spaces with purpose in mind
Plain Dealer article interview with Dr. Feltes on home design for dogs.

Pet Perfect: Make the Right Animal Addition to Your Family
Northeast Ohio Parent July 2016 (pages 30-31) article interview with Dr. Feltes on pet selection for families.

Cleveland.comDog parks can pose challenges for dogs and humans alike

By most accounts, the dog parks are working. But the fatal mauling of a Chihuahua by a Siberian Husky at the South Euclid dog park last month illustrates how the social nature of these fenced communities can quickly go awry for dogs and owners alike. Read more...

Channel 3 with Monica Robins

December 26, 2011



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Welcome to The Behavior Clinic!

When you love your pet but not its behavior, call the Doctor!

Dr. Feltes has experience with all types of pets including dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, rabbits & birds. It starts with a consult. Read On... _____________________________________________________________

Problem Behaviors Addressed

These behaviors can be discouraging but the Behavior Clinic can help your animal overcome them. 

If your home feels like this...

Bad Pet Behaviors    Good pet behaviors

                                                   There's still hope for change!
Separation Anxiety
House Soiling
Fear Issues
Excessive Vocalization
Compulsive Behaviors
Noise Phobias
Attention Seeking
Unruly behavior
Aggression to People or Animals
Urine Marking
Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome ("Alzheimer's")
Inappropriate Scratching by Cats
Select Behavioral Problems in Horses, Rabbits, Ferrets, Birds



Fall Workshops: 

Start Dates:

Call 440-334-8534 to register!



TBC and Handicapped Pets:
Paired for wheelchair fittings, orders & training for use


Walking Wheels - the ONLY Fully Adjustable Dog Wheelchair.

Call today for details on fitting, training your pet to a chair and other services offered by TBC for handicapped pets!



We are happy to refill your pet's medication at TBC! Please allow 2-3 days for preparation medications that are to be picked up at TBC and 5-7 days for items you need shipped to your home.  If you are in immediate need of medications we can fill your prescriptions on the same date for an additional fee of $10.

To order refills of your pet's medication:

1  Call (440) 334-8534
2. This is our main line and is check during normal business hrs.
3. When prompted leave the following information:
    a. Your Name
    b. Your pet's name
    c. The name of the medication you need refilled
        (example: Fluoxetine)                
    d. How many days worth of medication you currently have
    e. What dose you are currently giving (example: one 20mg
         capsule once daily)
    f. How many months of medication you would like (one,      

       three or six months worth)
    g. If you will be picking up the medication or if we are to  

        ship it
                i. If picking up please specify if you need us to put it
                   in the afterhours pickup box
               ii. All shipping is done via United States Postal
                   Service Priority Mail
    h. Permission to charge the card on file OR instruction on
        where to call to obtain permission

If there are any questions a TBC team member will contact you to review your prescription.